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The PAAC Podcast

Jan 21, 2020

We continue our conversation with Reverend Winnie Varghese, who shares what it was like for her growing up as a South Indian / Indian American kid in Dallas, Texas, her experience being (somewhat unexpectedly) ordained as a queer priest in the Episcopal church, and the subversiveness of preaching in a space where she “isn’t supposed to be.” As Liz mentions in the episode, spending time with Winnie is a gift. Thank you so much Winnie for sharing your story with us, and thank you everyone for listening!


Niwel - Morning Lights

MusicbyAden - Forever

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"If we do this work, as we labor, as we hear and tell the stories of our ancient heritages, this land, and our dreams, at this table the resurrected One appears.” - Winnie Varghese